About Us

Dasfintechnologies Ltd was formed by a group of crypto currency experts in 2013, working in several environments and platforms our 100-year combined business experience has allowed us to tap into emerging markets and focus in some of the world’s most exciting spaces in today’s technology.

With business partners stretching over 50 countries worldwide we believe we have something for everyone looking to launch into the digital asset space.

Mining Operations

Miners use specialist hardware to solve complex mathematical problems which results in being issuedwith digital currency. This provides a unique way to createa digital currency thus giving an incentive for more miners to participate.Our mining operations offer a great way for everyone to involve themselves in this exciting technology without the stress of installations, maintenance or technical knowledge

Community Projects

During our travel’s we have found it impossible to ignore the fact that many parts of our plant are in a desperate poverty-stricken crisis, with millions of human beings struggling to have the basic needs such as electricity, running water not to mention food.

At Dasfintechnologies we are working with a number of community projects that will utilise the latest technological advancements that will create humanitarian projects changing people’s lives for the better.

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