Mining Operations

Bitcoin and many other digital currencies operate as a peer-to-peer network, which means everyone who uses the currency is a member of the system. Mining is simply the term used for maintaining the blockchain and verifying each transaction.
Miners use specialist hardware to solve complex mathematical problems which results in being issued with digital currency. This provides a unique way to createa digital currency thus giving an incentive for more miners to participate.
Our mining facilities offer a perfect environment for large scale mining, as we continue to mine many different digital assets we continue to analyse the market for the best solutions for our members. This results in our mining operations being one of the most cost effective and profitable today.

At Dasfintechnologies we are looking to help &educate people on blockchain technology and the many digital assets that are emerging today, giving our members the ability to learn & mine profitably in today’s market. Our goal is to provide many opportunities for our members who can participate using our best practices to earn digital assets in our mining operations.


It Works Like This

You are purchasing your very own equipment that will be installed, maintained and tested within 3 weeks of payment. Your equipment will then mine the most profitable digital assets on todays market, as part of our strategy we have the ability to change the mining solution within an hour ,thus ensuring that our clients get the highest possible profit.

  • Once we have your request to purchase you will be sent a contract to sign
  • On completion of a signed contract we will issue you with an invoice for payment
  • On receipt of payment your mining equipment will be sourced, installed and tested
  • Full proof of your mining equipment will then be sent to you and we will commence mining.

Method of Payment:

Number of Machines: